The ability for a user to snooze and/or remind them later for an offered in-app Engagement Slider or Guide

We all spend lots of time on creating the perfect content, presentation, and experience of in-app Engagements and we expect them to help near 100% of our targeted users to become more informed, efficient, effective, and productive. However, no matter how much we try to put the engagement in the right place at the right time, many other factors ... like the user needing to get something else done right away ... the user not having time to focus on this engagement opportunity ... will affect whether a user actually starts and completes the in-app Engagement Slider or Guide.

To align more closely to the "Timely" component of our “TRUSt Framework”, adding the option for the user to snooze and/or remind them later about an important Engagement that has been offered would be very helpful in increasing the Engagement completion rates and value. This enhancement would match perfectly to our promise that "The Engagements are presented based on the user’s timing, not ours."

We see this type of option in many other familiar applications, such as Slack below:

What do you all think about this enhancement request? We would love to hear your feedback.

@ciarapeter @mickey

Love this. It is precisely how a polite and competent human assistant would behave. This is how I want to treat my users.

(My colleages were talking about this sort of behavior several times in the past few days as well. It is in the air)

Thanks for the suggestion @link_black !

I'm just starting to dig into PX and honestly I was expecting this to be a default feature.

The very first example in-app message in this blog post of yours highlights the feature:

With this image:

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for posting!

The blog post you reference shows examples of in-app messages that companies have used before and/or currently. Unfortunately, not all of these companies are Gainsight PX customers, including SFDC, but we would love for all of them to be PX customers for sure. :)

While a "snooze" option is not available in PX (yet), one can configure PX Engagements to persist until they are "completed" using the Qualification Scope settings. This will accomplish similar "Show Me Later" functionality and a screenshot of this configuration is shown below:

Additionally, if the "No Thanks" button is configured to take the user to the last Engagement page, then the Engagement will be considered "Complete". This fact can be used to ensure that this Engagement will not launch again provided that your Engagement Audience Rules exclude any user that has "Completed" this Engagement from consideration as shown below:

And Lastly, you can configure a custom "button" within a PX Engagement that will work like that SFDC "Start Tour" example likely does. The PX "button" can be configured to launch a specific URL/part of your product that is configured to launch a PX "Guide", which is typically used by our customers for product tours and walkthroughs. A screenshot of this Engagement setting is below:

I hope this was helpful, but thanks again for being an active PX Community member!


Love this idea, Link! Totally agree with your point about working on the customer's time & this came up as a feature request from our team as well :)

We just launched our first PX guides and I already got the question for this functionality from 3 of our users. Would be really helpful!

Great recommendation as usual Link.

Yes, the snooze button is definitely needed.  Many times our users are on an “important mission” to complete a task when an engagement may pop up.  It could catch their eye and be of interest, but they simply don’t have time at the moment to interact with the content.

Giving a snooze button will significantly increase the chance that they will actually complete the engagement and absorb the information at a later point.

Hi @link_black. Has there been any movement on this feature?

Hi @JayS

Our amazing PX Product team has it on their product roadmap, but there are no ETAs. Sorry.