Template management needs to be centralized and better controlled

It’s very difficult to update a template once it has been set as one. It has been recommended to use engagement cloning instead of templates to better facilitate maintenance. However, this method has risk of accidental changes to templates and no way to automatically or selectively apply the template changes. If I have 20 products, each with 10 engagements and the company colors change, we have to manually update our templates and 200 engagements with the updated CSS. This is just one aspect of template settings.

  • As a customer with multiple subscriptions and products, I need one central place to define engagement templates and styles.
  • I need those templates to be editable by only a few key engagement developers.
  • I need template versioning so content developers know if they have the latest template.

Adding the ask that some elements of the engagement be lockable. After a template is created we want the ability to lock elements/settings so that the template has to be used in specific ways. 

Example is having legal text that must appear at the bottom. Without this text field locked this could be removed, bypassing the centralized administration of engagements