Task Cockpit Editable Grid View

Our CSMs live in OneNote (simple task tables) and Excel to maintain smaller follow up items coming out of meetings or discussions.  These tools are effective because they provide a single view of all the items along with easy edit capabilities to run through the list to make updates with minimal clicking.

The cockpit is a nice feature, but it is a bit to heavy to be a daily task management tool.  This forces our group outside of Gainsight for managing tasks.  Ideal state would be to create a "Task Cockpit" that would be a simple editable grid of tasks.  This would have functionality that allows a grouped/sorted/filtered view by a various of task attributes (i.e. Account, Type, Status, Date, ect...).  The grid would have functionality to add columns or custom fields that are associated with the tasks.  This is something you can't do today in the cockpit since any columns are mainly for CTAs not for tasks.  This "Task Cockpit" would also need to allow you to edit items from the grid (inline editing).  There would be no need for a fly-out panel with fields like the current cockpit since that only adds clicks.  The clicks really add up when you are trying to edit multiple tasks between customers.  The Excel export would also be a key need here as many times lists are pulled out of GS to send to a customer as a follow up on open items.

I've been able to workaround the limitation in the cockpit by creating a table report off of the 'GS Task' source with all the fields I need and embedding that into the C360.  In addition, I've created another version of a table report and created a Dashboard with a few global filters to give the CSM a view of all tasks across clients.  It is too soon to tell if this approach is "sticky" enough for our CSMs to use GS daily for tasks, but if we had functionality as described above I know our team could ditch Excel and GS would be a need to have.
Appreciate the feedback Scott - especially on ease of use and simplicity.  Is the main issue with current Cockpit functionality the focus on the CTA dates and information vs the tasks that are part of them?  So the ask is allow for sorts and filters at a task level vs only CTA level?

Another question:

Has your team explored the use of our Timeline feature?  It does allow you to combine meeting notes and create follow up tasks for one place.  These auto-create the CTA (meeting) and the follow up items.  Also curious if users have explored setting up custom views in Cockpit (allowing for special filters and sorts).