Targeting email Audience Via CSV

Speaking with a customer who would like to be able to target an email audience by using a CSV.


Use Case:

The use case is that they sent an email to a list of customers (including multiple within an account) from Gainsight and had it come from the CSM. They want to follow up on that email with a GainsightPX notification (dialog engagement) to that same list of people–like a multi-touch campaign across channels for specific customers.


 They would like to target this specific list with a notification when they log in to the product.

This seems like a perfect use case for our new Trigger PX In-app Engagements from Journey Orchestrator feature.

Also, while you cannot “import” a CSV into a filter field in PX Audience Logic or a Segment, you can paste a long list of comma-delimited email addresses into the filter field in PX Audience Logic or a Segment.  There any many text editors that will quickly convert the copied CSV column data into this format so it can be pasted into the PX filter field (limit is 1,000). See example below:

Comma delimited email list: “,,,,”


Audience Logic example:


Segment Logic example:




This time of campaign can be done via Journey Orchestrator.