Tag Objective Timeline Entry from Cockpit as Success Plan instead of CTA

When you create a timeline entry from an objective CTA from cockpit and then you look at it in the C360 timeline/global timeline, it has “CTA” tagged next to it.

However, when you create a timeline entry from the same objective within the success plan section of C360 and then you look at the timeline entry in timeline/global timeline, it gets tagged “Success Plan” and mentions which plan.


Seeing as objective CTAs are reserved for success plans, this request is to have both ways behave the same, showing the success plan tag and name.


Also, we should show all  related objective TL posts on the success plan TL 

@alex_legay thank you for bringing this up here. I will confirm the possibility and get back to you.


  • when timeline entry is made on Success Plan (not objective), the tag applied is "SP" when viewed in global timeline.
  • When timeline entry is made on objective inside a success plan, the tag applied is "CTA" when viewed in global timeline. Because “objective” in one type of CTA
  • When timeline entry is made on CTA in cockpit the tag applied is "CTA" when viewed in global timeline.

In future - when timeline is made on objective inside a success plan, a double tag “SP” “CTA” can applied to distinguish it from timeline entry on CTA from cockpit 

Hi @Anil Raj Pujari 


The request here would be if the timeline post is created from any place and it's related to a success plan through the objective/CTA, they are expecting it to be tagged similar to how it looks if the entry is made from the Success plan.


For example, a CSM gets an objective CTA that is part of a success plan and they are working it from their cockpit. They make a timeline post from the CTA, they would like it to behave the same way as if the entry was made from the success plan itself. Correct me if I am wrong, but objective CTAs are reserved for success plans so they all would be related to a specific success plan.

I am disappointed this is a enhancement. 

The tagging should be universal. if someone has multiple success plans how can they figure out timeline entry to look at communication for that success plan at a high level from global timeline or company timeline. There are so many other reporting options that we can do as well if we had this options. (data designer options and AE options are nullified due to meta data not available.)


Please contact me if you need any additional use cases. 


Darshana Shah



Hi @alex_legay 

Agreed. Timeline posts from Cockpit on objectives should have double tag “SP” “CTA”. This will be taken up in future. 
Currently, by clicking the breadcrumbs next to the tag should take user to respective Success plan or CTA.

@Anil Raj Pujari 

Thanks! That will help. 

Now shifting to the timeline post itself. Within a success plan, I notice a timeline post that is created  in the objective CTA of success plan does not show in the timeline section of the overallsuccess plan. It only shows when you expand the objective and go to the timeline tab of that CTA. 

We would expect the timeline entry to show in the Timeline for that success plan if it was created in a success plan objective. This could lead to people not knowing of other timeline entries if they are looking at the success plan timeline. They have no way of seeing the timeline post unless they go through each objective and check.


We are working on this feature and should be available soon. Timeline entry on objectives will show up in timeline entries of success plan.