Table Themes for Success Snapshots - Google Slide

Hi all,

First foray in to using Success Snapshots and have some questions on formatting I was hoping someone can help with. 

I want to provide a “theme” to the tables used in the deck (for reports), and am able to do this if using a PPT version (by setting the theme in the template before uploading) but am not having the same luck with google slides. The export always uses the default blue/white table. 

Is there something I am missing here, is it possible or a limitation with google slides themselves not doing themes for tables?


@HollySimmons let me give a try and get back to you on this. Thank you for sharing it here.

@HollySimmons we take the theme of the table from the “slide master”. If you would like to change the theme, you will have to go to the slide master and change the theme for the relavant slides.

FYI, we are looking into the possibility of adding a few table themes directly in the Success Snapshot configuration section. We do not have an ETA on this yet.

@rahul_prayakarao sorry for being dumb here but how do I edit the Slide Master in google slides?

@HollySimmons you can go to slide menu and then select edit theme or edit slide master. Below is the screenshot.



Thanks - but how do I set a theme for tables specifically? 

I’ve added a table to the template, and formatted it, and applied that template to the slide but then it’s not a “selectable” box in Success Snapshot. 


If I go an add a table to the slide it ignores the theme I set (in Google Slides itself, and success snapshot) and if I then format that table the Success Snapshot still ignores the formatting. 


@HollySimmons as per our discussion, I have added this to my roadmap. Will keep you posted on the progress.

@HollySimmons I want to let you know that we have prioritized this request and you should see the capability to add your custom table themes for Success Snapshots soon. 

@rahul_prayakarao awesome news thank you