Sync CTA to Salesforce Task (without requiring a CS Task)

We'd like to have the ability to have a CTA sync with a Salesforce task directly, without having to create a task off the CTA. This is important for giving visibility to non-Gainsight users of activity done by the AM, and keep things simple for the AM when documenting interactions with the Customer.

As a side note, I thought this Idea was previously posted but couldn't find it.


I was speaking with another Gainsight customer today that also would like CTAs to sync to Salesforce.  In their use case, trying to use the Rules Engine to load a 'closed' CTA back to SF for historical purposes is not sufficient because they need visibility to the CTA in an open status as well. Is that your situation as well, Kristin?
Hi Kristin, My internal team pointed out a "log a call post" that I think we've both been looking for that's similar to the "syncing CTA" question:
Hi Elaine - Our scenario is to enable the AMs to quickly log a call, but have that call tracked as a CTA, so it can be included in Engagement scoring (based on resolved CTAs) and also synched to Salesforce for visibility by Salesforce users involved with the Account.
Wanted to add a use case:  Another customer wanted to create a manual CTA and have that CTA create a task in SFDC (they are a heavy SFDC usage company). In current product, they have to create that CTA then create a manual CS Task.

I think a product solution would be to add a checkbox at the bottom of the Add Manual CTA dialog box, maybe under Recurring Event.  

Box is called "Sync the CTA".  Clicking this box and saving the Manual CTA would add a Task, under this CTA, with the same name and due date, that is set to auto-sync to SFDC.


I think a "sync a CTA" check box is a great idea, Christopher!  In the meantime, I'm finding that the instructions that the Gainsight Product team posted here for using a rule each night to 'sync' the CTA to SF works pretty well.  You can make some slight modifications to these instructions and track CTAs 'in flight' as well.     
Hi Gainsight Product, Is there any new information on when bi-directional CTA syncing will be available out-of-the-box in Gainsight?  Another new Gainsight customer really would benefit from this option.  Thanks!
Existing customers would really benefit from this as well!
Thanks for sharing, Elaine and Scott. Would love to know more about these use-cases/scenarios where we are creating such CTAs that need to be directly synced to SF, especially in the light of recent (and upcoming) developments around Activites/Timeline.
Hi Manu,

Our scenario is a little different than what is in this thread, I'd be happy to hop on a call and walk you through it in detail.  The use case is that all internal employees who do not have a Gainsight license require the ability to involve a CSM by creating a CTA (the process is called "CSM Assist").  

Currently, we have a SFDC workflow that creates a task on the account with information related to the CSM Assist that the rules engine uses to create the CTA.  The problem here is that the original requestor does not have insight to the progress/status of the CTA while the CSM is working it.  I understand that you can sync the CTA's task back to SFDC, but along with others in this thread, the CSMs work and take notes on the CTA itself, not the associated tasks.  Additionally, having two tasks (the original task and the CTA's task) in SFDC is confusing for the requestor as to which one to follow.

It would be fantastic if the call to action could be mapped to an existing task in SFDC.  Even if it could be synced to the CTA Task, I could redesign the CSM Assist process in SFDC to use that as the source of truth.

As a side question - Can I create CTA records using a workflow in SFDC rather than using the Gainsight rules engine?  That would be the best possible resolution, short of exposing the Call To Action object to all SFDC users.


Hi Manu, The two different use cases discussed here are not covered by the new "Timeline" option.  In Scott's case, the origin of the request is Salesforce so linking the work in Gainsight back to the original request is the challenge.  In the other two customer's use case, the origin of the request is the Gainsight Rules Engine so I don't think Timeline is relevant.  If the CSM has no action on a specific CTA, but sales or marketing own the follow up instead then they just want the CTA as a SF activity and the ability to close the SF activity so that it closes the CTA in Gainsight.  Please don't hesitate to let me know if you would like to discuss further.  Thank you!
I have also run into this as a use case...We have a CTA that is triggered as an alert that the Product Usage and Score has decreased. It does not have a playbook and does not need one but we would like to sync this to SFDC for visibility to other teams not in Gainsight. Also we have alot of manual CTAs that CSMs create that are not necessarily timeline posts that need to be synced as well....and as of now they have to create a task to be able to sync to SFDC.