Surveys - Shorter Partial Completion Configuration

Using in line surveys usually increases response rates, but not everyone keeps going after the first NPS/CSAT question, so keeping partial survey responses toggled on is super useful.


Internally, our support team wants an email to fire to a case owner for a low score. We’d still want to capture this for partial responses, but right now they necessitate an additional wait.

I’d like to capture partial responses but have them convert after a manner of minutes or hours rather than the minimum currently of one day.

@bradleymcg sorry for the delay here. Thank you for sharing this request here. Before I take it to the product team I would like to see other customers interest too.

@All, could you please leave your vote here to show your interest. 

Hi @bradleymcg - thanks for the feedback and explaining your use case. We encourage others to upvote so that we could prioritize correctly.