Survey from within Product

I've talked to a number of customers who would love to be able to have their NPS survey within their own product. Is this item on the roadmap? 

Another common request I hear, is ability for the NPS question itself to be within the survey email body, that has been sent to the customer (so doesn't require clicking a link to be taken to the survey)
Hi Kelly,

Both these requirements is in our roadmap. Actual timing is TBD.


We are strong proponents of having NPS ability within our product and tying those responses into Gainsight. This would be SUPER valuable and highly utilized. It's widely accepted that response rates in-product are much higher than via email.

This would be great to have the survey in the body of the email!  Hopefully, it would greatly improve completion rates.
Today, we came across the desire to have a survey question in an email. This would allow us to quickly receive an answer instead of taking a customer to a new page.
Hi Sumesh,

Is there an update on the timing for this release?
Embedding the survey question in email is planned for July/Aug. Providing in-product surveys or an API to create custom widget is something we agree is valuable but don't currently have an ETA.
Thank you for the update! It would be great to have the embedded survey question sooner because of something we are currently trying to accomplish, but I'm glad to see it on a timeline.
Is there an update on this issue? Our org would very much like to be able to have embedded surveys in an email outreach or even better if it could be within our product.
A much-wanted feature. Just by not beeing able to have the actual survey within an email, we consider other vendors for sending our surveys. Surveys within emails is an important point for our org.
I would also like the ability to at least embed the survey in an email and not an external page. 
I believe I heard that NPS in an email is coming in one of the next releases.