Support "Rich Text" data type in External Actions or Rule Engine

Hi Team, 

I’m raising this request to get support on data type “Rich Text Area” dataType in "External Actions" or a checkbox in rule fetch task to enable support of Rich Text Data.

Current Behaviour : We can only “string” data type : 

Reason: While pushing CTA data from GS to JIRA via External actions & rule, the data in the “Rich text area” field is unable to parse the HTML/Json formatting based on our expectation. 

Example : SS1:   SS2:

Hi @hardik_mota 


We do support allowing Rich Text fields in external actions. It doesnt matter what you see in the pic 1 shared (You can use a string to pass HTML data too) we only show primitive data types there. 


Now, some systems understand HTML some dont. For the systems which understand HTML, what we have works perfectly. For the ones which dont, we are introducing functionality to strip off any HTML tags in Rules in one of the upcoming enhancements. . 

@hardik_mota did you get a chance to view the comments posted by @rakesh ??