Support Mass edit reports in HA enabled org for 360 page configurations

Hi Team,


Posting this request on customer’s behalf.

With HA enablement Mass edit reports are no longer supported to be added as related lists in 360 pages which makes it difficult to achieve certain use cases like below.


Use case:

The mass edit scorecard reports on the C360 give us a good visual of all the "child" accounts underneath the Parent using Account Hierarchy.

Hi @jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri, thank you for your post. Sending this across to the Product Manager to throw some light on the situation you mentioned here. 

@gopal_rao_kallepu  @shantan_reddy  - can you review the ask here since scorecards are removed from related list (reports ) 

@jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri Thanks for the post! You are correct, the new mass edit reports are not supported in related lists. We have added this enhancement to our backlog, and will make it available in the future.




Additional use case: on a C360/R360 for a partner, we would like to provide an overview of the health scorecards for all customers related to this partner

@Jef Vanlaer So does this mean that in a partner C360, you want to view health scores for other companies?
In the new C360, we plan to only allow showing measure scores for relationships you have with the company or scores for the children of that company.




@shantan_reddy That is what it means indeed, although in our case it would all be on the R360 (as we have multiple product lines). On the Partner R360, we want to add a mass edit report that shows the health of all customer Relationships for a specific product (different Relationship type). The customer Relationships have a GSID field that looks up to the partner R360.

Any news on adding this feature in the coming releases?