Support for cross Product PX Engagements

Posting on behalf of a customer…

The use case that one of our customers asked me about is… Can they build one PX Engagement (e.g. updated terms of service) that is linked to ALL PX Products, which would be shown only 1 time to any user that accessed any of their PX tracked products? 


My add-on comment/workaround…


Currently, this is not possible/supported in PX and our customers must build a separate PX Engagement for each PX Product.  However, they want to avoid showing the same Engagement (e.g. updated terms of service) to the same user each time they access a different Product, which makes very good sense. 


One thought that I had, which would require the user to take some action (click a link/button) the first time that they see the Engagement, would be to use the method described in my previous PX Community post Tip of the Week: Using a PX Dialog Engagement to collect additional information from your users to store on their PX User Profile to update an Attribute on the PX User’s profile. 


Since every PX User has only 1 record in PX and it is shared across all PX Products within the PX Subscription … and the he same is the case for PX Accounts too ... this newly updated PX User Attribute could then be used in the Audience Logic of each Product’s PX Engagement to determine if it should be shown.


High level setup steps:


1) add a new PX User attribute, perhaps named “Viewed Updated Terms”

2) In those PX Engagements, add the simple custom code as described in the PX Community post linked above to update the PX User’s “Viewed Updated Terms” attribute to “true”. Perhaps a link/button named “Acknowledged” or “I Agree” would be effective.

3) Add Audience logic to each PX Product’s separate/identical PX Engagements to check if the “Viewed  Update Terms” attribute is not set, which means they either did not see it or did not click the link/button that you provided in the first Engagement they were shown.  See sample below:



@link_black sounds quite a bit like this request on the CS product side: 


since you can combine (depending on the type of engagement) PX engagements with Journey Orchestrator emails and CTA programs, I think it would be super important for these requests to work with each other as well.

Yes, good feature enhancements are surfaced here!

One feature enhancement is to allow the engagement audience so that the engagement is: 

  1. served to users who have not yet viewed / completed an engagement from another product.
  2. served to users only if no other user’s from the same accountId have not yet viewed/completed a specific engagement (can be from the same or different product)

Another feature enhancement is to productize the workaround that Link describes so that you can define a button in an engagement that when clicked will update a value on the user or user’s account to a specific value.