Summary view of Data Designer list to include last run timestamp

Add Last run datetime field in the list view of data designer with a hyperlink to view the execution history.

Right now unless I click into each one and see the execution history I do not know when the design last ran. When I am looking a long list and trying to correlate between the run times of different DD objects - I am lost after 2 or 3 down the list.

Hi @aparimala 

You can easily access execution history by clicking on the last run info button. This should help you a bit for quick access. 


That being said, I’ve added displaying the last run time to the backlog but this is not something we would be able to pick up in the near term. 

This would be very useful as DD jobs begin to grow and you need to schedule jobs. Clicking on the Execution is not a fluid action when it could just be a column in the view.

There is no reason this shouldn’t be in the column view. When looking at a list of designs, ones that are currently scheduled to run look exactly the same as ones that completed their scheduled run. This means we cannot differentiate between live and stale data and this would be the simplest way to do so.