Summarize By In Dashboards

I think it would be very helpful as it pertains to overhead to give the option to use report builder's "Summarize By" function in a dashboard. 

Example Use Case: I have a report that I track support tickets opened/closed by each support rep. It would be helpful for me to see this information on both a macro and micro level of reporting. Currently, I'd have to build out (for example) 6 report variations to put on a dashboard to see how reps are performing weekly, monthly, and quarterly. 

If we gave the option to summarize by, I'd be able to build this report out twice (opened and closed) and just adjust my filters for the data I want to see. 

This is an interesting idea Steve. Its also inline with giving "more power to the end users" theme we have. Are there any explicit customer asks on this ? We have started tracking this item from product team. More asks will better its priority.
I agree! I had posted something similar that would give CSM's the flexibility to adjust date groupings within the C360 ( but in dashboards and dashboard global filters wold be a great add as well. 
I'll +1 this idea as well. I was speaking with a Gainsight admin yesterday who was asking for more power to the end users (consumers of the data) as it pertains to dashboards. 

For example - right now global filters are set by the admin and require multiple steps:

  1. Ensure that you add the same filter to all reports that you intend to use a global filter on
  2. Create the dashboard and add the reports
  3. Configure the global filter using one/many of the previously added filters
Their ask was to provide the capability at the end user dashboard level where any fields that are common to all reports in the dashboard could be selected as a dashboard level filter (without having to edit each individual report in report builder). 

This would enable tremendous flexibility and ad-hoc analysis based on CSM, Manager, Team, Region, Vertical, Segment - really any account or customer level data.
Yes, data aggregation choices applied globally to a dashboard would be helpful.
SPS Commerce and Good (Blackberry) just in the comments below and I've gotten it from several others as well. 
Hello Dan,

Completely agree that adding global filter on any attribute across reports rather than only on the ones admin previously configured as filters, is a powerful idea. It enables adhoc analysis. This is exactly how we designed the solution, with summer our users will have that power. One important point here is, Global filter is created by Dashboard Admin and he will have that power. The end user will only be able to change the criteria of the filter, reset it back to the default etc. Just wanted to make sure we on the same page on that ?


Could we allow any end user (that has access to that dashboard) to add a filter in an ad-hoc basis as long as the field is one that exists in all reports?

This would be a far more flexible solution and require less administration overhead.