Success Snapshot: More sections from C360

Currently, we are only able to export the adoption section from the C360 view. We would like to be able to add other C360 sections to slides, including:

  1. Features
  2. Scorecard
  3. NPS responses
Our current work around is to add these sections as reports. However, we then loose the beautiful UI that we see in C360. Adding the ability to add those to the Success Snapshots slides would be awesome.
Hi, is it on the Roadmap to include other C360 sections in Success Snapshots? I've built my own report to include Scorecard info but having the C360 or the Scorecard UI view availalble in Success Snapshots would be better. 
Hi Sarah, it is not on the short-term (next qtr) roadmap to add custom UI view (instead of reports) to Success Snapshots. That having said, in Q3 we plan to invest heavily in custom views/reports both in C360 and dashboards, and would certainly make sense then.