Success Plans: Create ability to link Customer and Relationship level Success Plans

The goal of a Customer Success tool such as Gainsight is to bring a holistic view of the customer and overall engagement together.  Unless I've missed something, right now I see a disconnect in having multiple resources working on an account using Relationships.

There needs to be a way to unify Success Plans, allowing you to create a Relationship-level CTA as part of the Customer-level Success Plan.  This would allow a CSM working at the Customer level to assign CTAs as part of a Success Plan to resources that own a particular relationship but still have it live as part of an overall account plan.
Hi Jeff,

Would showing relationship success plans in C360 suffice or do you need the capability to add CTAs for different relationships in the same success plan.


Hi Nitisha!  For example, I have a CSM who works a High Touch account that has multiple TAMs (Technical Account Manager).  Each TAM has their own Relationship, but the CSM is the 'quarterback' for the Customer as a whole and thus creates a Success Plan at the Customer level.  As part of the overall customer engagement, the CSM needs to create CTAs in the [i]Customer Success Plan and assign to TAMs who work with a particular relationship.  Rather than have the TAM navigate back an forth between Customer and Relationship to work the CTA, the CTA should show up under that particular Relationship, but also be part of the Customer-level Success Plan. 
Has there been any additional consideration here?  
Hi Jeff,

Let me know if I understand you correctly, a TAM manages a relationship and each relationship has its own success plan (with its objectives). The CSM works at the account level & creates a Success Plan at the account level - and at the success plan at the account level, the CSM assigns some objectives to the TAM.

Hence for the TAM to get a complete overview of all their objectives they need to visit the C360-Success Plan & R360 Success plan. Is that the main pain point?

Would being able to see all their objectives in C360-Cockpit (whether they are at account or relationship level) help the TAM's?

They could see them sure, but for reporting purposes it would be good to be able to have those Objectives attached at the relationship level, but visible within the Customer-level Success Plan.  

I've since left that company where I had that use case (however I may encounter a similar use case again here) but I have a new use case where we are managing multiple product category relationships.  It would be good to be able to manage the overall customer success plan at the Customer-level but associate certain Objectives with specific Relationships so we can gauge the activity across product sets.  Would be a huge pain for CSMs to have to create a separate success plan for each product. 
We would be interested in this idea, but in reverse of Jeff's suggestion. We have success plans we'd like created at the relationship level but want our Enterprise CSMs who oversee the account as a whole to have visibility on the C360 instead of navigating to each R360 for an overview of the success plans in place for the account.

Hi Katie,

Thanks for sharing this. Would having a report that shows all the success plans for that account & releationships in the 360 work for you?

Not really. The idea is more that our enterprise CSMs would see all success plans on the C360 where they are already looking/managing their own success plans, not an additional dashboard/report. If they're navigating to a different place for the information they can just navigate to the R360 where it lives.

We also have the need to link a CTA (created outside of a success plan objective) to a specific success plan. Example: I’d like to create a risk CTA that's specific to a specific success plan on a high touch account but not the account at large. 

This is still a gap from my perspective.  @andutta may you please check with the product team on whether or not this is on the roadmap?

@Anil Raj Pujari , could we share recent updates on this Acknowledged idea?

We are evaluating the consequences & the need for having relationship-level-CTAs inside a company-level-success plan. I understand the use case though.