Success Plan Objectives: Need ability to modify the sort on the list of objective categories

As I add new Objective Categories in, I'd love the ability to modify the sorting of the list. Currently the list sorts by timing of entry (oldest to newest). I'd prefer to sort alphabetically or to be able to drag and drop categories in the list and have the sort stay based on my actions. 
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into it soon. Will keep you updated.


+1 for this, there is no way to reorder the list without deleting and re-adding the objective categories (and it isn't possible to delete an objective category if its applied to any existing objective). 
I whole-heartedly agree. This is a GIANT pain point for us right now and if Gainsight wants Success Plans to be more widely adopted, there needs to be more flexibility with pretty much every aspect of the Success Plans, but this reordering especially.

To add on to this, it would be great if there was a way to set a default objective category that is selected when the reps are adding objectives to their success plans. You can set a default “Reason” for CTA’s so it would make sense to do the same for objectives.


Right now, it defaults to the first objective category that was ever created, and ours is no longer relevant because it was an old objective category we created but cannot delete or rename. This means that when our reps are adding objectives to their success plans, we are not able to report on the objective category because the data is already muddy from having them select the “old” category by default.

This definitely needs to be implemented!  :)

We need to logically re-order dropdown options as business and process evolve. Also as @theresalucius noted - there are very relevant reasons to control the ordering of the categories.



@davebrown2242 Thanks for sharing this with us! I am working with the product team to get the inputs on this.