success plan mandatory fields

to have the posiblity to add mandatory fields to a suceess plan

Hi Sapir - What's your use case for these mandatory fields? Where on the Success plan are you wanting the fields?

Hey Faust

For exp in our SP we need to add the product name, but a lot of CSM forget to add it.

when creating reports, if that field is missing you can't do analysyst about it

Hi Sapir,

Where is this data entred ? In plan info layout or inside objectives ? Also should this be entered when the use is creating the plan?

I‘ve converted this post to an Idea for better tracking, and because I saw the same question/request being asked again. 

+1 to this. 

We require our CSMs to complete a number of fields on the summary/details page of the Success Plan however as with the nature of the expecting CSMs to remember what fields they need to complete we need the ability to make them mandatory to ensure they are completed.

Mandatory fields would be helpful to ensure the plan info has all necessary data capture. Without a mandatory field, the plan can be closed and if the field needs to updated the plan has to be made active again which impacts the close date and any metrics/reporting related to time to completion (e.g. Onboarding Success Plan where we want to know the average time to completion)

Hi John,

Got it. Thanks a lot for sharing the idea and the use-case makes complete sense. I will keep you posted if we make any progress on these


This is important to me too, especially as it’s not possible to edit fields once the Success Plan is closed without re-opening and altering the closed date. Not great for data integrity - especially as user errors are frequent

The use case makes sense. We will follow this thread for more upvotes so that we can pick it up in our upcoming roadmaps 

@Anil Raj Pujari @aditya_marla , Please progress update if any. Thanks!

@Anil Raj Pujari One of the customers is looking for the update on this. Can you please provide an update on this. 

Thank you.

This would be a great feature in the use case where the SP fields are being used to generate reports. It would make the CSMs put the data in correctly and reduce the chasing to ensure the correct fields are completed. 

It’s easy to bypass fields mistakenly - mandatory fields would really help ensure data is accurate! 

This potential feature is becoming increasingly important for our organization. We have many team members creating SPs and forgetfulness to completely fill in all necessary fields is bound to happen. I’d rather have team members spend more time filling in the appropriate information at the first pass than trying to back fill missed information when pulling reports. 

Mandatory fields in Success Plans would be a game changer. 

@Anil Raj Pujari , let’s share the latest on this Idea pl.

Hi, what’s the status of this request?  Or organization requires it too.  Thanks