Success Plan auto-save

It would be great if the note fields in a Success Plan could auto-save. I accidentally erase my work when activating plans without having taken the step to save first and it hurts so much every time! 
@Heather, Thanks for sharing this!

we will definitely consider your request based on More number of Me too's from other customers.
I'm a part of the same customer, but my team complains about this constantly.
I recently created a success plan and forgot to click "save" it refreshed the page somehow and i lost all what I entered, so i definitely would like an autosave.

Thanks for sharing makes complete sense & can understand the frustration it causes to lose the data you just entered. Will think about either implementing auto-save or providing a warning when trying to navigate to a different place and there is some unsaved data
I've added my vote to this.  Today a colleague and I were just commenting on how we had had trouble with accidentally losing data when navigating away from the success plan page.

We may not have not have noticed that this was an issue, but we have created so many in the last week or two and made a numerous mistakes. I'm glad to see this is already being discussed.

the auto-save function is also highly requested from our csm's. A success plan is normally not done in a few minutes and our csm's having often calls or critical tasks in between and sometimes the session to Salesforce is lost or they can not save the Success plan due to other issues.

Is there an update on this?

I’ve had a number of users complain about the same issue with  loses of data in Success Plans after say updating the due date. Not good functionality. Is there an update on this item?

Hi @aditya_marla is there an update on this? I have other customers asking about this. Thank you!

Hi @jnunes 

We are working on redesigning success plans. This would be addressed along with the new design all fields (apart from RTE) would autosave 


in Success Plan Horizon experience all fields (except RTE) would autosave. RTE fields auto save is not yet support due to technical challenges

Hello Everyone,

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and implemented in the Success Plan Horizon Analytics available in Gainsight NXT. Success Plan Horizon Analytics has new capabilities such as expandable fields and an auto-save feature for contentwhen creating new Success Plans.

Thanks for posting!

How exactly is this implemented with an auto-save feature in success plans? I just had someone complaining to me about this in my internal office hours. If they spend significant time typing up something in the success plan page (outline goals, risks, etc) then navigate away for whatever reason, none of that info is saved. They were expecting it to work more like timeline where a draft is auto-saved or some other mechanism so the content is not all lost.

I’m still seeing this as an issue too.

@seth_schroeder yes please on the above “how” it’s implemented. One of my people just had the erasure happen yesterday when she didn’t save her success plan so is there a setting that we need to turn on?