Success Plan Active Date-Based Due Dates

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I would love to see some functionality supporting the assignment of objective category templates and associated playbook dates being related to the Success Plan active date, rather than the date that the template was assigned (which in our case is when the SP is created, and the status is still in Draft). Our use case for this particular idea is related to Onboarding Success Plans.

Since the launch date of the customer (i.e. the SP Active Date) can be several days after the SP creation date (typically the day after the new opp close date), it is quite tedious to manually change the objective due dates, or to suggest to the onboarding team to assign the template themselves, especially since some of the objectives and associated playbooks begin to take place prior to the launch date. 

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Thanks a lot for sharing this. I will keep you updated as and when we make any progress on this, but as of today, it's not on our active roadmap. But we do have plans to enhance our Gantt Chart to make it simpler to update due-dates inline

@aditya_marla to be honest, this is a little disappointing to hear. The functionality of updating the Success Plan Due Date further updating the open Objective due dates seems to be a basic necessity, especially considering the pre-existing functionality to update a CTA due date and its dependent task due dates being updated too. 

What do you think @heather_hansen @jean.nairon @CurtisValentine @lindseyyoung5 @keith_mattes @foster.sean92 ? 

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I’ve run into this recently too.  Would agree that it makes sense that if you update the objectives due dates, it should also update the SP Due Date - especially in the case of templates.

This is one of those things where I would seek consistency throughout the Admin UI and capabilities.  Since Objectives are just types of CTA’s this should hopefully not be a hard ask and makes total sense.  We’ve had some “user-drift” from Success Plans for similar frustrations.

Got it. Thanks a lot for sharing this feedback. We have plans of making enhancements to our templates to allow for dependencies (i.e a CTA due date can be based on the previous CTAs start data). Will check if its possible to include the Success Plan dates as well. We are also working on enhancing the Gantt Chart to make it interactive so that it would at least be much easier to updates the dates of CTAs

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Adding dependencies between objectives is in beta phase. Should be available to customers soon. Start date of an objective can be made dependent on due date of another objective. Dependency can be added in Gantt chart as well as in templates. 

What are the options today to programmatically “back” or “forward” date Success Plan objectives based on an “Active” or “Start” date and not the “Assign” date?

It doesn’t look like I have any options, but I want to confirm that before I give up and wait for a product update.

Use Case 1:  I create a new Success Plan template and want to retroactively apply it to plans that started 2 months ago so that everything in the future (i.e. months 2+) is appropriately map out on the calendar and everything in the past can be closed/canceled. 

Use Case 2: Often our Success Plans won’t be created on the exact start date.  Thus the SP template assignment date is always off by a couple days.

Currently the start date of anobjective cannot be configured based on 1) success plan created date or 2) date when success plan status was changed to active. But I understand the usecase. Upvotes will help prioritise the feature in future roadmaps. 

Upvoting for this as well. Our Implementation Team would like more accurate dates around Success Plans and the Start Date definitely isn’t always the Created Date. :) 

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Even after setting the Start date - End Date dependencies of Objectives in the Success Plan templates - If the CSM changes the start date of the 1st Objective of the SP, there is no change to the start dates of the corresponding Objectives.

We use SPs for Onboarding our Customers and have 9 Objectives in it,each time there is a delay the CSM is expected to change the due date of each Objective - This is a lot of manual work for them.

Is there any plan - that when a CSM changes the start date of one Objective - it automatically changes the start date of another Objective based on the dependency set?