Stop non admin users from deleting CTAs

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We need the ability to only let administrators delete CTAs.  We would like our reps to close the CTAs and not delete them.
Totally - there are other things that should be just admins, like creation/modification of playbooks.

Thanks for your feedback! Right now we do have an option to limit this from the product but it is something we have heard from customers. I am going to route this to our product team as an idea so that they can further comment. 
Hi Kristin, thanks for your feedback and agree with your points. We have active plans to limit creation/modification of playbooks to admins or other users with this explicit permission. After that will look more broadly at other permissions including stopping non-admin user from deleting CTAs. Thanks. 
and deleting accounts 🙂 non-admin users should not be able to do that in the Customer tab. 
Any update on this?
We also would like to restrict our end users of the ability to delete CTAs.  Any further plans for this?

Are there any updates on this functionality? We want only admins to be able to delete CTAs.

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Even having a soft delete option that allows admin’s access to see how often and which CTAs are being deleted would be an improvement.  As it stands now, we have no insight or control over end users deleting each other’s manually created CTAs or the logic-driven CTAs.  This is a long-standing issue with lots of votes.  Hope to see it move into Planned soon!

Agree with the thoughts of others here.  Maybe something more like Timeline where they can only delete items that they’ve created, but not applicable to admins?