Stepping up the 'UTM Parameters' game

Recently we started playing with the ‘UTM Parameters’ feature in the PX which is described in the docs and here on the community forum in one post.

What we’ve soon realised is that there isn’t a way to easily drill down inside of the parameters (source, medium, campaign, etc) and check what is the most frequently ‘used’ parameter by our users.

Potentially good place to add it, in my opinion, would be in the analytics under a query builder  or as a completely separate tool as Funnel, Path Analyzer etc. It could also be added as a new widget in the dashboard which would lead to this new tool.

Second idea for improvement isn’t so much about the classifying ‘incoming’ UTM parameters, but the ‘outgoing’ ones. It would be really useful if you would automatically add predefined UTMs to all of our URL links that we’re adding in the Engagements. That way we’d always know who came to our website by clicking on some URL link in Gainsight’s engagements. Currently, we’re forgetting to add UTM’s in majority of cases. Here’s an example of Eloqua’s functionality.

@bostojic Thanks for sharing this here. This is with the product team now.

Hi @bostojic 
Thank you for your post. Flexible query builder is on the cards that will support UTM parameter querying.
Auto adding outgoing UTM parameters is a little more further down the line.


Tnx for the update @Chandu , glad to hear it :)