Sposor tracking: Twitter handles?

We would love to find a user's Twitter handles in Gainsight with Sponsor Tracking....


Either be able to add the Twitter manually (but preferably have it find

the handle based on the SFDC contac's email or phone number)

2.Run a report of the twitter handles found

Hi Irit,

We have noted down it as a Idea Reuest for future release of Sponsor Tracking. Thanks for the idea
UPDATE: We are already tracking twitter handles and Google+ profiles in case their available.
We would like to be able to track Company Updates via Google. For example, if a company gets funding or is recognized, we want to be alerted. Is there anywhere on the roadmap?
I submitted a request a while back to have a C360 section that displays Social Media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) for the customer/company, but adding Google Alerts is a good idea too. I added there (and credited you)  https://community.gainsight.com/gainsight/topics/c360-add-section-which-displays-customer-social-med...