Sponsor Tracking - stuck in pending

We have over 30 Contacts that are stuck in Pending Status. I sent the list to Customer Support and they confirmed the status  and gave next steps as submitting a request to manually update the contact with the Linked In URL. The issue with this is it is not scalable or repeatable. The Sponsor Tracking process needs improved life cyle management:

  • If the Contact cannot be found by crawling the Internet, update the status to "Not
    Found-Contact GS". This would allow for a CTA to be created based on that status to alert the AM.
  • Provide a place within the Sponsor Tracking widget for the AM to enter the LinkedIn URL directly, so this can be decentralized and not required admin action
Hi Kristin,

We have a bug identified where we are not able to show Pending contacts card, even though they are found. We will be sending resolution to it with upcoming release coming on May 19th. It should solve the issues with pending contacts.