Sponsor Tracking in Widget

Is Gainsight planning on providing the option to display the  Sponsor Tracking section into the Account Widget?
Hi Daria, 

I have forwarded your question/request to our product team as an idea and hope to have some feedback for you soon! I am going to convert this thread to an idea! 
Hi Daria,

We have noted down your request as an idea we will work towards prioritizing it in future.
Hi - it looks like this is possible now - however, from what I can tell it does allow you to manage the Sponsor Tracking through the Account Widget?

When I configure it - it does not have the blue button at the bottom?

Is this intended behavior or a bug in our environment?
Hi @Dawn- It is intended behaviour of Sponsor Tracking, It's just a read-only widget for Account Widget nothing can be added or deleted from there. In order to do this you need to go to customer 360.
I would need this too; Sponsor Tracking is a core feature of Gainsight, but it's only accessible for those users that have a full license, and I don't think that's fair.
That's a nice point. 🙂