Sort Ideas based on Product feature areas

We have Product Area categories to have focused Discussions but not so for Ideas which stack all posts together without an ability to sort.

Something like this for Ideas would be highly useful

Customers as well as Feature PMs will greatly benefit from being able to filter Feature requests per Product Area.

Would you deem this useful @bradleymcg , @heather_hansen , @jean.nairon , @spencer_engel , @darkknight , @mindy , @sarahmiracle ?

100% would be helpful

Very much so yes. Tags kind of do this today but since anyone can make any tag there’s no consistency in gs home/gshome/gainsight home etc.


Updated idea statusIN DEVELOPMENTImplemented

  1. Teased as an Idea right here
  1. Prepped with you here 

  1. Delivered the new /Ideas module

Kudos to the duo behind the Migration of about 8K Ideas on this Community, from 6 years of it’s existence on the inSided platforms, Nothing broken, no ugly surprises… pl 👏 for



from our inSided Amsterdam team for managing this mammoth migration + UX upgrade like it’s no big deal.

Everyday I’m learning cool platform possibilities from these guys.