Sort CTA tasks chronologically when I add a new task

Tasks within a CTA should be sorted by due date. Currently the tasks are out of order, so it's not easily apparent what the next task is. 
Also a request from BrightEdge.

Today, the tasks are arranged based on the Playbook sorting of tasks and dates. So if the Playbook is designed to be sorted by date, you'll get the Tasks sorted by date. However, if you add a manual Task to the CTA, it slots it in right at the bottom regardless of due date.

Also, supposedly there are customers who want that feature to distinguish between Playbook generated and manual tasks. 
One of my prospects, Perspective, currently in a POC called me out on the same thing.
We should provide a better control on how users might want to sort and we are currently inclined towards providing this as an option in the Cockpit UI and making this preference sticky. 

Like Ashvin already mentioned, all the playbook tasks are displayed at the top (and are always displayed in the order they are defined) and manually added tasks come at the bottom and within the manual tasks they are all sorted based on their Due date. 
Just to add- I have had 3 customers ask me when this would be coming. Their CSMs often get confused when working through playbooks due to the tasks not being arranged chronologically.