Sort Cockpit by Custom Fields

Our CSMs started using GS and we got one main important feedback -

We need the ability to group and sort the CTAs in the Cockpit by our custom fields.

Ex: we want to group the CTAs by packages/ we want to group the CTAs by Renewal Date.

Right now we are trying to figure out what is the best way to be on top of all CTAs in GS and manage our accounts and we are limited because we don't have the option to group and sort by fields that are important in our business/reflects our KPIs.
Hi Aviv,

Thanks for the interesting idea. We will look into the feasibility of implementing this feature and will prioritise it up based on the number of customers asking for it. I will keep you updated about the status.


I agree. This is a common request from my team. Should be a common practice to be able to sort by any field when applicable.