Sort a report by multiple columns

I'm running a report against an MDA object. Two key columns are the account name, and then the date for the specific data point.

I can sort by Account... or date... but not by "Account and then date within account." So if I want to see week 1-4 in order for an account, i'm having to sort by date and then filter to a specific account.

In Excel this would be easy, right?
Thanks Jeff for this suggestion! As I understand this is the case or multiple "Order By"s. This is a good use case we ought to aim for. I will add it to the roadmap and will update you once we pick it up.
Yes, this would be very helpful.
Agreed - I was just about to post it.   Very useful feature.
We would like this functionality as well.
Any updates? This would be very valuable. 

We're reporting on Success Plans with objectives in a logical sequence. Sorting by account isn't enough, we start looking at the objectives and they are all out of order. 
I've had a customer recently bring this enhancement request up to me as well.  Is this something we ever plan to implement?
This enhancement is greatly needed & would add so much value!!
Our team needs this enhancement as well, please prioritize this.
This would be a very beneficial feature for our team as well! This adds more flexibility for reports which would increase usage. 
Multi column sorting is definitely on our radar though no specific ETA is available at the moment. Will keep you posted here.


This will be helpful in major of our reports.  Hope this is on track. 

+1 Huge need for us. Would make a big impact to our end users.

@ana_g Thanks for bringing this to the top! This request has good number of votes, thanks everyone for your interest on this enhancement request. 

We have added this to our mid term road-map. I will update you here once we consider this for release. 

@All, Thanks everyone!!!

@sai_ram yay! Fantastic 🙂 Thank you!

Agreed. This ability will be very valuable for us. It will help executives use GS more often with better reporting/dashboarding, too.

Hi @jbeaumont 

As Sai mentioned, Multi Column sort in table report is planned and is on our short-medium term

Hello @rakesh , Are we expecting the Multi Column sort in Horizon Analytics next releases?