Snooze CTAs from Cockpit list view

Based on input from customers, I'd like to suggest adding the ability to snooze one or more CTAs from the Cockpit list view. Presently, in order to snooze multiple CTAs, you need to open each CTA and then specify the snooze date and reason, one at a time.

There are times when a CSM may want to snooze a block of non-critical CTAs in order to simplify their Cockpit list.  This would be particularly helpful for new users, who may be initially overwhelmed by a large number of rules-based CTAs in their Cockpit.
Is there a possible criteria that could be used to snooze these CTAs like may be snooze CTA of a certain type for customer with ARR below 5k? 

Or is just more of a manual use case where you want to select multiple CTAs in Cockpit and snooze them all at once?
Paul - thanks for submitting this on my behalf!

Sidhu - for our particular use case, we want to snooze items in bulk that we know we can't handle because the POC hasn't gotten back to us.  As such, it's more effective to snooze until the next time we want to handle the CTA since there technically isn't a task being completed.  It helps the AM parse through what they actually want to handle for the day as opposed to trying to work through all the CTAs they cannot act on at the moment.  You're absolutely right in that this tends to come up for small customers but nothing that a rule can necessarily apply to.