Slack integration allowing for multiple slack channels

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Hi team,


We’d like to have the ability to designate a preferred slack channel per engagement, so that eg all of our NPS surveys can be sent to an nps channel, all of our CES surveys can be sent to a ces channel, and so on.

Currently the PX Slack integration is all or nothing - so with the integration on for survey responses/feedback, all responses to any survey/feedback engagement are dumped into a single slack channel. This becomes very messy to manage when you want to have different survey engagements running at any given time, and where surveys differ in relevancy across the staff who would be monitoring them in Slack.


Cheers, A

Good feature request, Adam!


@mickey @harshibanka 

Yes please.  Painful for notifications about engagement enable/disable to be buried in thousands of NPS responses.  Need some serious flexibility here.

Would be helpful if we could:

  1. Add an integration
  2. Tie it to a channel
  3. Check boxes to choose what types of notifications are pushed
  4. Repeat as necessary

Hello! Just wanted to check if there is any update on this post in regards to status?

Hi @Pauline  This aligns with our plans and am adding to our H1 roadmap of 2022.