Show usage of top "power" users

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I have a couple of usage reports on my r360, but I'd like to be able to display the usage of just the "Power" users for accounts with a large number of users.  ie. Display just the usage of maybe the top 5 users.  I *thought* I could use the Ranking function for this, but if I try to Rank by User, it gives me the top 5 users in the Alphabet, since Username is a text field (Is this really how ANYONE would want it to work?!?!) I've tried ranking by the "Sum of Usage Hours" but that just gives me the one week with the most usage, which is what I would expect if I ranked by "Date". Ranking by "Date" gives me the most recent date, not the date with the highest usage.

Here's my account usage for ALL users on an account (this one has 20 users):

Here's what I want - Just the top 5 users usage data: 

Is there any way get this short of visually picking out the users with the most usage, and manually clicking off all the other users (doable with 20 users, nearly impossible with 200 users)?

Additionally, it would be really nice if there was a way that when I click on individual users' names, it isolates them and shows me *only* that data point, rather than removing it from view. And maybe I could Ctrl+Click to add more? Sort of the opposite of what happens now? That would make it a little easier to manually pick out top users.
Hi Leanne, As you've pointed out, when you group by date, your filters and order are based on the aggregated values not raw values. One option is to create a separate report, where you are not grouping by time (just by user) and then order by sum of usage hours. 

In Q1 we are looking to add dynamic filters in reports. I'm not sure if these formulae will be able to calculate based on pre-aggregated values, but this is good feedback for us to consider. 


Hi Leanne, would it be possible to email me the raw data (sample numbers are okay, just want to see the structure) of this table, so I review more closely. Thx