Show Open + Closed CTAs in Cockpit

Our teams as asking for an option to view both the Open and the Closed CTAs in the Cockpit view on the Customer 360 page. Toggling between open and closed to view all contact is an unnecessary step for us. We're also seeing that our partners miss the option to choose "Closed CTAs" in the drop down to see recent contact. 
Love this idea.  It would be great to have the option to get it all in one view.
I agree it's very easy to miss the option to toggle to see closed CTAs!  One idea to consider is to add another section on the C360 page called "Closed CTAs" right below the Cockpit section and create a "related list" to show all the closed ones (or closed in the last 90 days for example if you're worried about the volume).  That "closed CTA" section would end up looking similar to an excel spreadsheet & you get to choose the columns you want to show.  
I don't like this idea.  The C360 is getting populated enough.  It should be a functional option to show Open, Closed or combination.
Hi Jeff, I agree that 'open, closed, or combination' is a good idea for our Gainsight product teams to consider.  I'm working with several other Gainsight customers that have created a separate Closed CTA section so I thought it would be a helpful idea to share for consideration in the short term.  I totally understand if that approach is not something that you're interested in using.  Glad to hear you already have a robust C360 page.  That's great!
Ok just making sure that wasn't an "instead of" suggestion. 

Hi Elaine, 

Could you explain how you are working on this Closed CTA section? We'd like to see it on our environment as well.
As you know, you can see Closed CTAs on the Cockpit section of the Customer360 by default - but it's a toggle in a drop down to move from Open CTAs to Closed CTAs.  That option works fine as long as everyone is advised to check there.  Alternately, if you create a Reports 2.0 on Closed CTAs (maybe for the last 90 days for example to limit the history over time) then you can add it to a custom section called Closed CTAs.  The advantage is that the details do not have the 'strike through' so it's easier to read.  I like to check "Closed CTAs" just like everything else on the C360 for call prep. It's great to review history in those closed CTAs prior to EBRs as well. 
Agree should have an additional drop down value added to show all CTA's, Open & Closed

-For a new user, makes sense to be able to show all, as I had the experience early on and created duplicate CTA's not realizing I had already completed and closed the CTA.

We have added an additional option to see 'All CTAs' in 360 > Cockpit section. We will add more filter/ configuration options in it in future releases.


Hi Nitisha!

Wondering if this is still under consideration? Closed CTAs can be pulled out in reports but it would be nice to see an option to view closed ones in the cockpit view
Hi Sarah,

This has been implemented. You should be able to see an 'All CTAs (open+closed)' view in 360 > Cockpit section. You can also create custom views by saving desired filters and those will be visible in both Cockpit page and 360 > Cockpit section.


Thanks a lot Nitisha! I knew about the option to include all CTAs under C360 but great to learn about the ability to create custom views in Cockpit itself
Actually, one quick followup question: if I create a custom view in Cockpit as an Admin, can I share the access to my CSM team?

Hi Sarah,

You have the capability in NXT (Note: this is not available in the SFDC edition) .

This document has details on how to configure it: