Show more Person data from Associated Persons on a CTA

Associated Persons on a CTA is a great idea, but it’s very bare bones. Would love to see more data available to display in a CTA with Associated Persons, like contact phone, title, email...and the ability to click on the contact name and have it take you to the People list in C360.

Use case: CSM with a large book of business gets a CTA with an associated person of “Jane Doe.” They don’t know what Jane Doe’s title is, what her email is, what her phone number is...forcing them to go to the C360 anyways to get this information. Save CSMs some clicks & some steps by adding in more fields for the associated person directly into the CTA view.

The lookup is already there, so it feels like we’re so close to making this more functional!

+1 - my use case came from an exec.  She wanted to call the contact, but didn’t have a quick way to get to the phone number or email address.

+1 - allowing CSMs to access this info on the CTA will save clicks.  

The Associated Person configuration is already available in Administration but the pop-up only appears when you hover over the user from the suggested search box on the CTA.  When it appears, you are able to highlight and copy content. 


Our needs would be resolved if this existing pop-up can appear when you hover over a defined Associated Person record.