Show Action Description Column in Execution History

Actions allow entering a description, but the execution history only shows the action number, type, and data source used from the rule setup. Would be much easier to troubleshoot if the description was also shown, particularly for a rule with lots of actions, because otherwise I as the admin have to remember which action is supposed to do what. 

+1 YES!  I definitely find this cumbersome.  I use the description a lot with rules that have a lot of actions, so it would be terrific to see that in the results as well.


@MikeAtMDSOL valid ask! Let me check with the product team if this can be added to our road-map! 

Hi Mike,

Thanks for raising this! We are working towards making sure it's much easier to identify the right action in the rules engine’s execution history in the medium term. 

Any update on this feature?  I’m building some complicated rule structures and testing is very cumbersome because all i see is “Set Scorecard 2.0” 12 times… not very easy to troubleshoot testing.