Should the Salesforce header be automatically hidden on Reports?

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When you go to Reports 2.0 the SFDC header hides automatically. I think (well, assume!) it's to provide some more screen real estate for the report.

Except every time I'm done on that tab I have this moment of being lost. Most of the time I just go back to the Salesforce home by using my bookmark. I'm wondering if others have this same experience, or if it's just me. (I can accept if I'm just special. :-)

My preference would be to leave the decision to hide the header to the user. If I need the extra pixels, I know how to get them. My second choice would be to at least put a link back to Administration in the header so I can get back to where I came from.
Hi Jeremy, 

This is intended behavior. I can see how it is confusing since all areas of the product do not operate this way. I am going to go ahead and turn this into an idea for our product management team to review. Thanks for the feedback!
I agree with Jeffrey. It's confusing and throws me off every time as well. I'd say don't do it by default.

We've heard your feedback and have disabled auto-hiding of salesforce headers. The update will be available in the next release.