Shared Success Plans in TImeline

Today as I was sending a client a Success Plan, I realized it would be great to have this email logged in Timeline especially since you do not receive a copy of what you send in the email to the client.
Lane, where are you sending the Success Plan email from? There is currently an option to sync Email Assist tasks to Timeline.
Hi Lila,

I'm sending it from the Share Success Plan option on the C360. After previewing the Success Plan, this is the popup:

Hi Lane, Do you want Bcc option(where you can add users)or Do you want it to automatically log it to Timeline or Do you wish to receive an acknowledge with the link?
Hi Sai,

I'm imagining something similar to Email Assists. You can BCC AND it get's copied to Timeline.
Hi Lane, Thanks for sharing! I am forwarding this to our Product team.
This would be a handy feature so we could track when and to whom a Success Plan was sent.
I'd like this as well! It would be nice to document when a success plan was shared to the client. 
I Think a simple email log would work for this:

CSM Name shared "Success Plan Name" with Client name.

Then it would show the date and time it was sent and all the other info a timeline log has.