[Shared C360] Be Able to Control OTP by Customer/External User

Posting on behalf of a customer.


It is found that for some customers of customer, certain secure organizations seems to have a cookie/cache policy that causes an issue (having OTP enabled) where when Shared C360 is open “No Data Available” is shown.


Although Enabling OTP is good, for certain issue customers, it be good to have an option to be able to disable OTP for them manually on send.

Hey @kevin_ly, I will conclude with engineering team and get back to you.

Hi @kevin_ly , Thanks for sharing this here. We do have an option to turn off the OTP while sharing the C360.
Also, can ask the customer to raise a support query as it seems unusual that Shared360 is not opening, we would love to understand why this is happening in the  first place.

@gopal_rao_kallepu The customer case has been closed quite some time ago. I believe users were bookmarking the link rather than opening the link from within the email and opening from email works.

@kevin_ly even bookmarking should work, they might have bookmarked the actual share360 url, instead of the one in the email. 
Please suggest the customer to reach out to our support, if they are still facing the issue