Share Survey Results with Non-Users or Update PDF Capabilities

It would be nice if people without Gainsight access (viewer or full) can view survey responses. Maybe this is a setting on the Survey properties. Our use case is that we send out Implementation surveys weekly and only a couple members on that team who manage the results have access. It would be nice to be able to share result URLs with the project manager that worked on that account.

We were able to save responses as PDFs in the past but I think with the NXT migration something changed. Now, when you go to Print and save responses as a PDF it only prints 1-2 questions on the page, resulting in having to print multiple PDFs or take screen shots for one survey result.

The first suggestion is preferable but the second would suffice :slight_smile:

@stephanienardone sorry for the inconvenience. I will find out the difference and get back to you and I will also let you know the possibilities. 

Hi @stephanienardone, extending our sharing capability is on our roadmap. Thank you for the feedback. Meantime, we will encourage others to upvote so that we can prioritize this accordingly.