Set NPS comment to Required

We've just launched our first NPS survey through Gainsight. Unfortunately, it's impossible to set the "comments" section of the question to Required. We strongly value that feedback from our customers. (We customize the header for that comments box to be, "What is the most important reason for your response to Question #1?")

Given how important that information is for us, we want it to be required, [i]and we want it to be populated in the "comments" section of the NPS widget in the C360, so that it's highly visible to the CSMs. If I make it into a separate question, so that I can set it as required, then it will not be populated into that spot in the C360.
Hi Seth,

Thanks for the input on NPS comments. We will wait to see how many more customer have same request, it helps us in adding this feature to roadmap for surveys.
Hey Seth, Could you do a second question chained to the first that depending on their NPS score you require the next question?

Ex. If they are a detractor, then require comment question to clarify why they chose the score.
Hi Lane,

I [i]could, but I'm pretty sure that would not achieve one of my two goals, which is to get the comment data populated here in the C360:

Sorry, a little late to the party, but I share this issue and request.  I wasn't around for our original implementation and spent time trying to understand why we don't have NPS comments in our reporting.  Turns out that our NPS survey was created to have dependent comment questions as Lane suggested.  It makes for a more tailored survey, with comment prompting that can vary from "That's great! What did you love most?" to "Sorry to hear that, how can we improve?"  It also allows us to require the comments.  But then the comments are excluded from normal reporting and all of the growing analysis feature set around NPS.  

We would appreciate either being able to require the comments on the NPS question or perhaps have a checkbox on a dependent comment question that says "This is NPS comments" for the sake of reporting, sentiment analysis, etc.