Set Display Name for Reports in Dashboard

We have a number of different dashboards which ultimately have the same types of reports on them, but for different filters. I’d like to have the names of the reports which are shown on these dashboards as simple as possible, e.g. “Customer List”, “By Health”, “By Stage” but I cannot save multiple reports with the same name (to satisfy each dashboard view) so have to instead add extra information which is not needed in the dashboard view (as that’s implored via the dashboard name itself), and can often mean that the names for widgets are cut off due to the length. 

Ideally would be able to set a different display name for the report on the dashboard itself. 


Hi @HollySimmons, thank you for posting.

A report can be added on a dashboard only once, this is due to the way other features in dashboard work. 

In the redesign of reporting, we are adding the ability to add text widgets which can be used to describe a report or a dashboard to end-users. Will this solve the problem you are facing? PFA the pic below:


@rakesh thanks for your comment

Yes not looking to add the same report to the same dashboard, I actually want to add a different report to a different dashboard but have the have them use the same name. 

So for example we often want to display a “By Health” pie chart, and for each dashboard it appears on it’s actually a different report pre-filtered to just the customers we want to include. I can’t save them all as “By Health” so have to name them all differently, such as “Project X Customers By Health”, “Product Y Customers By Health”. For the smaller widgets this can mean the name actually gets cut off. 

Ideally they would all just say “By Health” and then the dashboard name would explain the context (Project X, Product Y etc) 

The ability to add text widgets is definitely useful but I feel in this case it’s just cluttering up the space (as they will see the title in addition to the text widget)

Understood @HollySimmons 

Will add this to the roadmap and let you know if we pick this up

Bringing this back up.  As an Admin, I have a naming convention for reports so that it’s easy to sort/filter, etc, but I don’t really want that to be the display name of the report on a dashboard.  For example, I might name a report Management: Open CTAs, but I’d want the name to be something else on the dashboard like Open CTAs. (Note: that’s just a simple example.)

Hello all, as informed by the Product Manager this feature will need more upvotes to bring this to the top of our roadmap. Hence waiting on the same since the update is the same since the last post by Rakesh.

Adding some love to this post! I brought this up in a HA Office Hours session with Spencer back in September. I want to employ standardization of report naming in our report builder for consistency & ease of organization, but then I want to have a different “alias” name for reports that I choose to add to dashboards.


Just like we can have aliases for field names, we should have aliases for report names!

+1 to this.

How I want to name reports for fast organization isn’t necessarily how I want the Report Name to display to end users. Often with a naming convention, the “interesting” part of the Report Name can be cut off because due to prefixes or other naming standards toward the beginning of the Report Name.

There’s an analogy here to the re-labeling of fields within Reports, because the Gainsight field name may be ambiguous or just need a quick refinement for maximum clarity. Having that same functionality for a Report Name would be a win for admins (cleaner instances) and end users (clearer understanding of reports).


Veritas also wants this enhancement.

@rakesh for the latest on this thread?


+1 from the UKG team

+1 we also need to have alternative name display for dashboard reports, so that our naming convention is not shown to end users (that wont make sense to them).


eg. a report name might be: Prod, Global Opporuntity, CFQ, Won, Widget, V1


however in the dashboard we just want “Opps Won this QTR”


@asmith @jparker @Lee Peterson 


This is very annoying that we can’t make really nice looking dashboards because we have to add prefixes and such to reports to give them a unique name.  For example, we have a dashboard for US and another one for EMEA.  Both have reports for ARR, customer account, etc..  We are forced to have names in our dashboard like “EMEA - ARR” and “EMEA - Customer Count”. It would look so much cleaner if we had “ARR” and “Customer Count” as the KPI labels.  

Hi @rakesh do we have an updated plan with this item?

Any update on this?