Send the NPS comments or score to custom attributes for contact-level SFDC sync

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I need to be able to push an individual user’s NPS survey result back to Salesforce, in order to trigger tasks for our CSM team. Syncing at the Account level isn’t specific enough to segment feedback by customer persona (reps vs ops vs executives).

Within the PX survey configuration, I would expect a tab that gives me the option to additionally record a user’s feedback to a custom attribute of my choosing. Perhaps with the option to track history or overwrite the field with the latest score. I know the data exists on the contact record in PX and is viewable under the feedback tab, I don’t understand why that can’t be passed through to an attribute.

This was data we could previously capture with PX NPS surveys triggered by Journey Orchestrator, I need to be able to sync the data back to SFDC so other software can pull from those fields on the contact level.

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There are other ways to get this Survey responsedata including enabling Real time PX Survey results in CS, consuming it from your Amazon S3 bucket when our PX AWS S3 integration is enabled, and/or even programmatically using our PX REST APIs. 


You should discuss some of these use cases with your CSM to determine the right path forward while your PX Product idea above is being considered b our PX Product team.