Segment Funnels by Product

When I go to the Funnel view, I see the funnels across all the products. However, when I create a new funnel, I can only choose features for the product I had selected in the screen before. There are two stories here, but the UI doesn’t support either.


As a product owner of a single product, I want the funnel view to have only the funnels for the product I am in charge of so that I can only worry about my product.


As a product manager of many products, I want to create a funnel that can have features across multiple products so that I can see how my customers use the entire platform.

Hey @andrew.fowler, thank you for your post. Looping in our Product Manger to look into your post and get back to you.

Will add this to our list of items to prioritize @andrew.fowler  . Thanks for the post.