Scorecards: Multi select option for comments

I would be helpful to be able to better define the reasons on a scorecard for reporting purposes. This would help us categorize and understand what reasons tend to flag a drop in a score than a freeform text field

@andreammelde Can you explain a little more regarding the ask? Is this for automated entries or manual entries? What kind of options would you like?

@shantan_reddy we are looking for something similar to reason codes for CTAs that we can set up. We have done a workaround for now where we have added new columns to the Company object and have the datatype as multiselect. The preset comments would make it easier to be able to report on why a score is low and associate it to planned plays the team may like to do

@andreammelde Is this for manual measures, or do you need this for automated measures as well? For manual entries, you could define drop-downs in the activity type you have reserved for scorecard timeline updates.

@andreammelde we need your inputs here.

this would only be for manual. For now we have done a workaround by putting this on the company object and it is working well for the CSMs so will not be changing

sure. Thanks. Just FYI, for manual updates, you can define your own specific activity type for scorecard measure updates with the necessary drop-downs.




@andreammelde did the above comments help you?