Scorecards 2.0 - Horizon Experience

I’m getting a few complaints about the new Horizon version of Scorecard 2.0 from my CSEs. They say it takes more clicks to complete their update process. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Currently we can see the last Timeline Entry (when in List View) for each Measure BUT this isn’t available in the Overall Score. Can this be made visible?
  2. When you click on a Measure and the Timeline comes up in the sidebar, would be fantastic if there was an arrow or Next button that would bring you to the next Measure so you don’t have to close out, click on the next Measure and then type in your update.
  3. It’s now an extra click to Renew a Measure, prior to Horizon we were able to do this via a hover/pop-up.
  4. If you add/update an activity (Timeline) for a scorecard item, the date associated with the score is automatically updated to the same day/time of the activity Save. If this was done, you wouldn't also have to click the "Renew" button to renew the date of the score.

@psutela Thanks for the feedback.

  1. We can definitely do this. We will send out the update soon.
  2. We will look at the possibility of this and get back to you.
  3. This is something we did to keep the update experience consistent with the new Horizon scorecard mass edit
  4. This is not always the case. Sometimes people might want to add a timeline update without renewing the score. (e.g maybe they forgot to add an activity during score update, and are now adding it 1 week later etc).


FYI… @abhilesh_khatri