Scorecard Trend Indicator is misleading and should be configurable

Looking at our Scorecard Mass Edit report it appears as if all scores are trending flat.

I read in this document that the trend indicator is looking at the Current Score and Previous Score to make this determination.

Looking at a sample account, I see the Current Score and Previous Score are the same thing:

Apparently this is because the scorecard updates the Previous Score nightly:

"On the first day of the current week, the most recent Scorecard bar shows previous week’s score. For the rest of the week this bar shows the closing score for the previous day, which was recorded when the Scheduler executed (11.30 pm UTC). This is called the most recent score bar. The bar on the left of the most recent Scorecard bar, stores the final score that existed a week before."

This is where it gets confusing for our CSMs, because we update all but one of our Automated Scorecard measures weekly, on Mondays.

So on the Scorecard section of C360, they see the "Current Score" in the right-most bar... but they see LAST week's score in the previous bar:

Current Score:

LAST week's Score:

So when they see the Trend Indictor is flat, this is terribly misleading. They assume when they look at the Mass Edit report that the score hasn't changed since the last time it was updated (by our Rules) when in fact it HAS changed.

We have one Automated Measure that gets updated nightly, for our CSM Sentiment (which we capture from Timeline entries)

The trend indicator needs to be configurable by admins - by measure/group - so that it aligns with our processes.

Happy to talk to someone in Product about this in more detail.

@sai_ram_pulluri has this been reviewed?

@darkknight sorry, this is not reviewed yet, will update you once I hear from product team.

@shantan_reddy - would love to get your input on this idea, please.

Any update on this?

@sai_ram @shantan_reddy Has anyone looked into this at all? 

@darkknight I spoke to the team about it, and it is a valid use-case and we have added it to our backlog.

How high a priority is this for you? We might not be able to accommodate this in the short term.




I would think it’s pretty high for all customers - even ones who haven’t realized this is how it currently works, etc.  The progression of scores/change indicators should be based on how often we are updating our scores, not because Gainsight does a sync in the background. 

In its current state, the trend indicator is wrong. 

So yes, this is high. 

This is a high priority issue for us as well. Our management team would like to see a report on previous and current scores each week. Our only options are:

  1. Show them last week’s score and today’s score
  2. Show them the previous score (yesterday’s) and the current score. If the score hasn’t changed, then both scores could be the same.
  3. Create custom workflow in Gainsight to keep track of the previous score when it differs from the current score.

Our CSM/Account Management team would be interested in seeing the score differences side-by-side at a glance as well (via dashboards). We’ve had to remove the previous score field from dashboards to prevent confusion.

We also need to log the score prior to an exception/override

@vmoore We’ll bump up the priority on this, and add it to our near-term roadmap.