Scorecard: Setting a default value for scores

We currently have to use the business rules to setup a default metric for some of the automated scores in the customer scorecard. Ideally, we would designate the scores to have a certain value by default, unless the condition of the automated rule (or manual criteria) is met.
This would be good.  In the mean time, I have a rule that runs after my customer upload but before all my others that sets a 'default' value for certain scores.  
Hi Irit and Andrea ,

I believe that the issue being faced when it comes to setting default value for rules is that we do not have support pulling in accounts where no data exists .This has led to the need for a default value for a metric/measure. However, we already plan to work on this enhancement. Would this address your issue?


Abhishek S
This feature is available with May release. Refer here to learn how to use it.