Scorecard Notes

Hello, I'm wondering if it might be possible to show multiple scorecard comments on the C360 scorecard view?  Right now, we have our rules set up based on severity where the most serious drop in score happens after all the other measures have been reported.  However, this means that any scorecard comments for less severe situations get replaced by the later rules.  We also may have multiple reason codes set for a severe situation.  Right now, the scorecard comments only allow us to type in one overall reason like, "Customer A has an active Cancellation, Contraction, or Merger CTA in the system".  We would like the message to directly say, "Customer A has an active Merger CTA in the system".  

The dependency on this is that our C Level team would like to be able to look into the C360 and know immediately why the overall score is a particular color/number.

Any chance this might make it into the next scorecard update?  Thanks!

We are working on a timeline based approach for scorecards where you can see the measures and the associated comments with them along with the timestamp. The expected ETA for this would be the second half of this year.

Alternately - If there are three measures which affect your score , then is it possible to have these as measures ? We plan to introduce the concept of groups where you can define Company Score as a group and have Active Cancellation,Contraction and Mergers as separate measures which affect the score. Now , if you have rules , then you can set them to red accordingly and add comments.

So , when you exec team looks at scorecards , they will know the group(Company Score) which is red and drill down and see the reason( Active Merger,Cancellation etc) why the score is red.

This enhancement should be done earlier than the first solution proposed. Hope this helps.


Abhishek S