Scorecard Measure history included if new scorecard applied that contains the same metric

We are heavy scorecard users and have 3 different scorecards we use on the relationship level. 80% of these scorecard metrics are the same on all 3 scorecards, the other 20% may vary based on the relationship it is applied to. Occasionally, we need to adjust our scorecard filters so a different scorecard is applied to certain relationships. When we do this, it clears the history of ALL metrics, even those that were included in the prior scorecard. We would like to see the history tied to the metric itself, not necessarily the scorecard the metric is on. This impacts our manual metrics even more because it clears out any manually set scores when the new scorecard is applied, so we lose that information altogether and the CSM has to manually add it again.

Not idea and this doesn’t solve the entire use case listed. But, you could build a rule that fetches the most recent sentiment from old SC and apply to the new one as a workaround. This would solve for losing that information. Those fact objects/scores don’t disappear on the backend.

@katie_b We are doing a revamp of the C360 section, and you will be able to view the history of the scorecard measure even when it belongs to an older scorecard.

This will be available within the next 3 months.




@shantan_reddy That is fantastic! Thank you!

This will be critical for us! We have 2 scorecards now for different segment of customers with the exact same measures but different weighting. If a customer moves to a different segment, my concern is the history for all the measures will not be preserved on C360, which means CSMs will be losing on important trends.

@sarah.kiani Does the enhancement I propose solve your use-cases as well?

@shantan_reddy Yes, that would solve for our use case. What’s the ETA of this new functionality? 

@sarah.kiani It will be available in September.