Schedule individual reports with excel attachment


We would really love the ability to schedule individual reports as an excel attachment. The dashboard/ppt scheduling isn't an ideal solution for us.
Yes!  100% agree.  
This would be amazing for us as well! We are able to aggregate usage information and being able to distribute it at a wider scale would be hugely beneficial. 
Tables in dashboards look pretty bad if you ask me... I don't feel too professional sending this to my Sales Director for example...

Thanks Ben for this idea. We will do the needful so that tabular dashboards reports can be accommodated as an excel export.

@Cristina, we are aware of this problem you mention, and at the moment I am scoping a feature where there are dynamic rows in a slide (against a static 10, as of now), based on the amount of data present. Will let you know once we pick it up! Thanks.
100% agree!  and add the ability to schedule reports to go out via email (like you can do in sfdc).  ppt does not work for what we need to report out.  great if could export a .csv or .xls
This is so desperately needed!
We need this as well. CSV would be perfect!
Hey Guys.... Do we have any updates as to where this is on the roadmap?
This is very much needed. 
+1 This would be awesome! 
So, was just posted [a few days ago].  The ability to send Tabular Reports via JO! 🙂
I guess I misunderstood this request then, I thought this was requesting to be able to schedule email reports to ourselves and/or a defined user. As in I have to manually pull multiple reports at the same time on the same day each week. That shouldn't require creating a program to do so.
Kelly I'm expecting the same thing.

Our need is to schedule a report internally for users. 
agreed.  just want to schedule a report to send to a list of users (like you can do in sfdc)
Agree as well! Sending out a weekly report to internal folks seems like a simple request. A behavior similar to the 'subscriptions' on reports within SF. 
Sagan, that is not the same as what we want here.
Any update from Gainsight on this post from > 2 years ago?

Another entry into this very desired (and long requested) functionality

And before GS Product responds with "Journey Programs!" that is not a solution for this use case and this is a hill I am willing to die on.

Hi Team, are thereany update on that topic? 

Hi Team, are thereany update on that topic? 

Yes! You’ll be happy to know that with the new Horizon Analytics (currently in beta and will start rolling out to all customers in phases starting in May) you can share an individual report either as a link or as an Excel attachment and even schedule a recurring share of that single report!




@dan_ahrens thanks for your update. Looking forward to testing it.